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Yarraman Oaks Primary School recognises that English is an integral part of all areas of the curriculum. The English program at Yarraman Oaks Primary School aims to develop students’ thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students are exposed to a variety of texts during the literacy session that foster enjoyment, purpose, understanding and confidence.



Yarraman Oaks ensures students are involved in a wide array of reading experiences:
Reading TO children – Read Aloud
Reading WITH children – Shared Reading
Reading BY children – Independent Reading

During the reading lessons students are taught to:


At Yarraman Oaks Primary School, students participate in Weekly Big Write and VCOP sessions which are based on a methodology for raising the standards in writing across all ages and ability levels throughout Australasia. VCOP is designed to bring the fun back into writing, to make the children want to write and to be continuously challenged throughout the writing journey. Through games, activities, writing tasks, conversations and discussions, students learn not only where their abilities lie in a fun and engaging way, but also the steps they need to take, in order to continue to improve.


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If a student can say it they can write it, Yarraman Oaks takes this philosophy to heart and we spend a time every morning working on students speaking and listening skills. Speaking confidently and clearly, adapting what they say and how they say it to the purpose and audience. We take these concepts and build them into our reading and writing programs.

Our School Library:

Yarraman Oaks Primary’s library is a key facility in supporting the literacy program. It houses many resources to assist children in developing their language and research skills. Students have the opportunity to borrow books during their library sessions.





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