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Student Voice

Student Representative Council

At Yarraman Oaks P.S we recognise that Student voice plays an important role in motivating students to learn and be actively involved in their education. We acknowledge that encouraging them to be partners in their own learning, creates positive long-term learning habits.

Our Student Representative Council provides a forum for student voice as well an opportunity to develop leadership from Grades 1 to 6. Two representatives from each of these grades were selected by their peers and teachers to represent all students in the school.

S.R.C Leaders

These students meet together 4-5 times a term. They work collaboratively with the Student Voice leader to discuss issues that are of concern to students across the school. The team seek input from their classmates regarding improvements to our school grounds and extra-curricular programs. They play a large role in organising the school’s social service and are also turned to when student feedback is required regarding various decisions or ideas in the school.

Student Voice

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