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The Investigative Learning program at Yarraman Oaks gives our Foundation to Year 2 students the opportunity to follow their own interests and learn through hands-on experiences. Investigating is a research-based approach, which increases student motivation and engagement dramatically. During Investigative Learning, students are able to choose from a range of learning experiences in which they can apply and practise key literacy and numeracy concepts. Examples of the learning experiences include block or box construction, dramatic role-play (eg. the class café, puppet theatre or a veterinary clinic), painting, collage, working at the writing centre or a science station. The teacher creates a learning environment that supports academic development, whilst also nurturing physical, social and emotional development. The skills developed during Investigative Learning help our students to become effective, life-long learners and successful citizens in the 21st century.
These skills include the ability to:

decisionsMake decisions problemsSolve problems CommunicateCommunicate effectively RespectRespect others’ perspectives ReflectReflect on their own learning

The approach promotes experiences in creativity, imagination, exploration, and problem solving. All life long skills.

These sit alongside formal, explicit instruction and development of literacy and numeracy skills and also vital social and emotional skills. Observation and documentation by teachers identifies key skills, needs, strengths and interests of individual children and is used to further plan and implement appropriate experiences and set further learning and developmental objectives.





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